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Our Team & Mission

Our mission is to provide you with a great experience every time! It all starts with a smile. If you need help we are easy to approach.  We love to get to know guests names and preferences. 

We also clean our equipment many times daily!  You'll see and smell the difference when you enter BubbleFresh!

A BubbleFresh Laundry attendant is on-site daily, (10am - close). The last wash loads must start before 8:30pm every night.

Wash & Dry in less than 60!

High Speed Express Laundry machines, with the fastest wash & dry times. Wash and dry in less than 60 minutes. 27 Wash machines & 30 Dryers in all sizes!
(All day specials W/Th/Fridays)

- Wednesdays $1.00 OFF 20, 30 & 40lb wash machines
- Thursdays $1.00 OFF ALL washing machines (5 sizes available)
- Fridays $1.50 OFF 55 & 75lb JUMBO wash machines (6 & 8 basket load machines)

Laundry attendant on-site daily, (10am - close). The last wash loads are start before 8:30pm every night.

NEW to Bubble Fresh? For best service, please come after 10am to have a laundry attendant on-site.

Enjoy The Lounge

Full furnished lounge with couches, tables, chairs, TV’s & Free WiFi & arcade games.

Enjoy your time while you wash & dry!

Need additional service after hours or other requests?

Drop us an email @ kyle@bubblefreshlaundry.com