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Wash N’ Fold

Our Wash N Fold simplifies life for busy parents, professionals, college students and singles. What is your time worth? Save the laundry for Bubble Fresh!

Simply drop your laundry off in your basket or bag with one of our team members. We will always greet you with a smile, get your laundry and send you on your way.

We will ask for your preferences on temperatures, if the loads should be split, scented soap or unscented products for those with allergies and any other preferences you might have!

- Starting at just $1.89 per pound for “Wash N Fold”
- Add-ons include fabric softeners, oxi-clean, super wash (heavy soiled items) & drying options
- Most popular items include Comforters, Bed Spreads/Sheets, Blankets & Sleeping Bags

Pick your laundry up later, perfectly washed, folded & packaged! Only takes a couple of minutes

Please note: All drop off & pickups begin after 10 am every day.

Commercial Services

• Beauty salons, spas, barber shops, massage therapists & tanning salons
• Doctor, dentist & chiropractic offices
• Municipalities,
• Hotels, motels & bed and breakfasts
• Churches & chapels
• Sporting goods businesses
• Auto body shops & automotive dealers
• Banquet halls, restaurants, taverns & catering services
• Health & fitness clubs
• Moving companies
• Colleges, universities & schools
• Vet clinics, pet day cares & humane societies
• Car washes & gas stations
• Golf courses & country clubs
• Day care facilities
• Summer camps, campgrounds & marinas.

There are no loads to big! We can customize to your preferences: such as Wash Cycles, Temps, Drying methods and other folding requests!

Come and give it a try! You'll see why many people are choosing Full Service!

Delivery options may be available by appointment. Subject to some additional rates or minimums depending on many factors. Please email kyle@bubblefreshlaundry.com if interested.

Dry Cleaning

Bubble Fresh Laundry Center is proud to team up with Gunderson's Cleaners who has been serving its residents with expert dry cleaning care since 1952. - We now offer pick up and Drop off Dry Cleaning 2 Times per week (Tuesdays & Fridays). This is the only dry cleaning location in the Kaukauna area & we will be serving the entire ‘Heart of the Valley’ area including Kimberly, Little Chute, Darboy, Harrison, Hollandtown, Wrightstown & Sherwood areas.

Most popular items include executive shirts, pants, suit coats, & blouses. Other items include comforters, mattress pads and rugs.

Specialty items & fabrics are also common with longer lead times.

Please inquire about pricing & turnaround with our team members.

Need additional service after hours or other requests?

Drop us an email @ kyle@bubblefreshlaundry.com